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What is HyperVerse?

HyperVerse is a virtual metaverse Eco-System that includes a membership rewards program like your frequent flyers, Credit Card points, flybuys etc. The basis of our membership is access to university level blockchain education that essentially allows you to EARN WHILE YOU LEARN. Our NEW membership 2.0 program gives you "passive rewards" of 4X the value of your "crypto acquired" membership(s) at a rate of at least 0.3% per day, 9% Monthly or 108% per year.


The prime objective is to grow the community of crypto/blockchain educated members to the largest alliance in the world. As such, we have opted for an MLM structure to do so HOWEVER, you do NOT need to refer anyone to receive your rewards. 100% of our members receive passive rewards daily and that's what is unique about us when compared to ANY OTHER MLM company.

Watch a video presentation below to learn more about this amazing opportunity.

HyperVerse is backed by the HyperTech Group, a multi-billion dollar group of companies with headquarters all over the world that have been in blockchain technology since 2014 and have a collective market valuation of over $10 Billion.

HyperVerse (formerly known as Hyperfund) has been operating as part of the HyperTech Group since 2019 and aims to build the biggest blockchain alliance, with an educated community of 30 million members for a $300B (yes with a B) IPO on a major stock exchange by 2023.

So, why do they need YOU & I?

For a company to IPO, it needs a large customer base and significant interest/awareness of its products and services. However, because HyperTech Group operate in the blockchain (crypto) industry, of which 96% of the global population are not familiar with the technology, what they need is mass awareness and knowledge of the blockchain and their blockchain-based products. They easily could have opted to take a traditional path of marketing and go mainstream but they chose the best form of advertising, word of mouth and putting the marketing budget into the HyperVerse rewards program, thus giving the power to the early adopters who contribute to the start-up phase of building of the community.


The current crypto/blockchain technology situation is similar to that of the ‘world wide web‘ back in the early 1990’s (the internet and email). Similar to blockchain/crypto, the lack of understanding and appreciation for the internet at the time, meant that people continued to rely on existing forms of communication such as telephone, pager, postal service, library books for communication, doing business, learning etc. Only the visionaries could comprehend how the internet would change the world forever. Will you be part of the early adopters of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency by joining us and being rewarded nicely at HyperVerse?


So, How can HyperTech build interest and awareness if the majority of the population don’t even know what blockchain technology is or how it will influence our futures?


Enter HyperVerse Community.

In some ways, you could describe the HyperVerse Community as the marketing department for HyperTech.

As mentioned, MLM is the structure we've chosen to use to market as word of mouth is the best form of advertising and instead of the marketing budget going to large advertising agencies, the rewards program has been created and our primary purpose is to;

(1) Grow a community for awareness of existing and forthcoming HyperTech products and;

(2) Educate that community ‘first-hand’ in the industry in which it operates; cryptocurrency and blockchain.


There are a lot of components to HyperVerse and the HyperVerse Ecosystem, a significant portion is on providing hands-on, practical ‘vocational’ education in blockchain. You won’t just be learning about cryptocurrency — you will be ‘doing’ cryptocurrency and being rewarded at the same time.

Recap & MORE:

HyperVerse is an Ecosystem with a membership rewards program.

The membership platform uses ‘HyperUnits’ (aka Hu) to reward 100% of our members daily. You can acquire a membership or memberships using stable crypto tokens that are pegged (or ‘tethered’) to and backed by the US Dollar. These are USDT, USDC & BUSD.


EVERY member starts accumulating rewards on a daily basis within 24hrs of acquiring their membership regardless of the value of the membership value.

  • A 400 Hu membership costs 400 USDT, USDC or BUSD

  • An 800 Hu membership costs 800 USDT, USDC or BUSD

  • A 1,200 Hu membership costs 1,200 USDT, USDC or BUSD

  • A 3,600 Hu membership costs 3,600 USDT, USDC or BUSD

You can acquire as many memberships as you wish, as often as you wish and just one membership of any value gains you access to the education and community.

# A 400 Hu membership will give you access to the Basic level education

An 800 Hu membership will give you access to the Intermediate level education

1,200 & 3,600 Hu memberships give you access to the Advanced level education

 You will receive certification at the end of the education levels.


The Hu rewards are essentially credits or points (think Flybuys or Frequent flyers) that can be exchanged/redeemed for *any Cryptocurrency on any exchange at market price OR HyperTech Group products on a platform similar to Amazon such as cologne, bags, shoes, TVs etc. You can also add your exchanged cryptocurrency and top up your virtual or physical debit card (via HyperPay Defi Wallet) to purchase anything where Visa & MasterCard is accepted. You can also use your rewards to buy more memberships and gain 3X on those additional membership values. 


UNLIKE other MLM company structures, there are:

- NO paid upgrades

- NO autoship or minimum sales to receive rewards

- NO ongoing/annual fees

- NO obligation to share or build a team below you


Every member is treated equally and 100% of our members receive daily passive rewards from day 1. Show me an opportunity that gives back half of this and i'll show you you're dreaming.


In my opinion, the education alone is worth more than the cost of a membership (especially when this is a new, emerging industry). FURTHERMORE, you will receive 3X back on your membership value…which converts directly into cryptocurrency format, so you can learn and  ‘do’ at the same time. #unreal!

In summary, your Hyper rewards can be either;

(1) Redeemed and converted to digital currency, then withdrawn, exchanged for products online or;

(2) Used to ‘rebuy’ memberships within the platform, thereby increasing the rewards generated.

*This process includes exchanging Hu into one of our native tokens first within the platform and depositing to a specific exchange.


Things move even faster once you hit the 50HU per day as you can rebuy (or withdraw) every day if you wish.🚀

One of several things that sets HyperVerse apart from other opportunities is that the rewards are distributed DAILY and can be withdrawn immediately (once greater than 50HU). This is different from most other programs whereby distribution is eg. monthly and the withdrawal process takes longer.


As our objective is to form the worlds largest blockchain alliance, those of our community who share this once in a lifetime opportunity with their friends and family, help them receive their own rewards and nurture their growth in blockchain education are rewarded further, highly generously by the company (note accelerated rewards are NOT coming from any referral contributions, but from the company's highly profitable investment portfolio's).


Watch the 15 minute video below of the 3 humanitarian advocates behind Hypertech Group and feel of their purpose for wanting to change the world. You can also watch (AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU WATCH IT REGULARLY) the full version here.

Check out this 4 minute video below of the founder Ryan Xu who has a heart for wanting to change the world and give back to humanity. See Ryan's view on trading Bitcoin (when someone wins, someone has to lose thus becoming enemies). Ryan believes that we can all win together. This is all about timing. Are you ready to be a part of "Rock n Rolling the world?"

Still have questions? Be sure to get back to the person that shared this page with you.

They shared this information with you because they care about you.

Whether you see this a blessed opportunity or not doesn't affect their rewards.

It's a timing thing and in closing i'd love to share with you the wise words of Raoul Paul in an interview with Tom Bilyeu on the global move to Crypto and the importance of not missing out on the next boom (Sept 2021). WATCH IT HERE

ARE YOU READY TO MOVE ON? CLICK THE GO BUTTON BELOW FOR THE STEP BY STEP PROCESSES OF GETTING INVOLVED. is an Independent HyperCommunity Builder information only site and NOT an official HyperVerse product.

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HyperVerse does not offer an investment or financial product or service.

HyperVerse is a membership platform with multiple benefits.

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