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How to convert & withdraw your rewards

Withdrawing your rewards is where the rubber meets the road within the HyperVerse platform and for most, this is when the belief is solidified in the divine reality of what is possible when you partner with those who have the same purpose in changing the world and improving humanity. Working together is the opposite of what the elites of the world want which is to widen the gap between the rich and the poor. WIth HyperVerse, we rise by lifting each other. Is that how you see this God sent opportunity? This platform is the inversion of the corrupt debt based system we've been raised in and have become accustomed to as normal.

IMPORTANT: You will need a exchange account or the HyperPay app  before you start the withdrawal process. (Hint: Click or tap on the hyperlinks to setup your account/s).

This process will take some time. It can take up to 48hrs to send from HV to in the example below or you can also send directly to the HyperPay App . The total amount you receive will fluctuate within HV and on or HyperPay depending on the market price of MOF at the time of your transaction between conversion. The fees will be on average 20% (excluding the HVT portion of the exchange). After the conversion inside or HyperPay, you may also choose to send your USDT directly back to Binance an then into your bank account.


The process is as follows:


1. To exchange Hu from your “rewards account” for MOF-TRC20 into your “financial account” of your back office.

1.1. Click INTER TRANSFER button

1.2 Enter the TRANSFER AMOUNT & CONFIRM the transfer with your Transaction Password. NB: 10% of the total will be exchanged for HVT when you covert Hu to MOF.


1.3. Click EXCHANGE under the FINANCIAL tab

1.4 Choose HVT + MOF-TRC20

1.5 Enter the amount of Hu you want to exchange

1.6 Check to see if you're happy with the MOF amount and click confirm

1.7 Enter your transaction password and boom. 


2. Sending your MOF to the exchange (Scroll down to number 5 for HyperPay steps)..

2.1 In the App click on the ASSETS tab bottom right

2.2 Click Deposit and/or search for MOF then click on MOF the asset.

2.3 Choose TRC20 and copy address.


2.3. GO BACK-Open your HyperVerse account

2.4 Go to FINANCIAL and click on the withdraw button.

2.5 Choose MOF-TRC20,

2.6 Paste your MOF DEPOSIT address.

2.7 Enter the amount of MOF to withdraw & click WITHDRAW. 

NB: Depending on your level of security you setup when you joined HV, you will/may need to have access to your EMAIL, TRANSACTION PASSWORD & GOOGLE AUTHENTICATOR in order to complete the transaction. (please note that bigpond and other older ISP have issues and I advise you to update your email to gmail or protonmail to avoid any delay issues)


3. You will receive an email when your MOF has been received into your exchange or HyperPay app “wallet account”. NB: in, the balance of your Asset Valuation will be in Bitcoin and shown as Chinese Yuan ¥. All exchanges act similar but will have its own format and placement.

3.1 Click on the assets tab bottom right

3.2 Choose the MOF asset and click transfer.


NB: This is the process for removing the asset from your “wallet account” and sending it to your “SPOT wallet” to enable you to transact/trade your MOF for USDT on the open market via the exchange (where buyers and sellers of crypto meet). At the time of writing the only trading pair for MOF is USDT. Click sell, choose limit sell and enter the amount of MOF. It will display the amount in USDT as you enter the number. Click “SELL MOF” & “confirm”. It will take a few minutes for the sell order to complete- you will then be able to see your USDT balance show as the asset.


4. Now you can press WITHDRAW to send the USDT to your HyperPay app, Binance or trade for other cryptocurrencies. Make sure to use TRC_20 (or other so long as both sending and receiving ends are transacting on the same network) on both the “receive” inside HyperPay or Binance and “withdraw” in This will only take a few minutes to be received as it’s confirmed on the blockchain.

NB: You will need to complete SMS, Email & Google Verification- MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ALL OF THESE READY.


5. Open your HyperPay wallet (or send directly to your Binance App/wallet if you don't have a HyperCard yet and work backwards from making a deposit) and click “Asset Details” near the top right to see your USDT assets when they arrive. Open HyperCard tab and choose your card you want to transfer the assets to. Click DEPOSIT and enter the USDT amount in EUR. Click CONFIRM and you're ready to withdraw or do some online shopping.


Watch the unedited video below of me withdrawing the FIAT CASH from an Australian ATM. 

Debit Card info/costing (most of us here will only need the virtual and physical MasterCards…. FOR NOW).


Virtual MasterCard card

Issue Fee: $30USD

Annual Fee: $12

Review duration 24hrs (mine took less than 20mins)


Physical MasterCard ($10k daily withdrawal limit)

Issue Fee: $55

Maintenance: €1 p/m

Shipping: $100

EST Delivery: 60 days (mine arrived in 28 days)


Physical Visa or Union Pay ($50k daily withdrawal limit)

Issue Fee: $69

Shipping Fee: $100

EST Delivery 60 days (I still haven’t received mine yet. They’ve advised there is a delay).

PROTIP: You are essentially becoming your own bank so it's vital you get into the habit of storing all your passwords in a vault like Onepassword or even offline, somewhere you can access safely if you forget. Using Google 2FA (2 factor authenticator) is a great security measure however if you lose your devise that it is loaded on, in order to set that up on a new device you need the KEY- be sure to store that safely when it comes time to add this feature (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

Still have questions? Be sure to get back to the person that shared this site  with you.

They shared this information with you because they care about you.

Whether you see this a blessed opportunity or not doesn't affect their rewards.

It's a timing thing and in closing i'd love to share with you the wise words of Raoul Paul in an interview with Tom Bilyeu on the global move to Crypto and the importance of not missing out on the next boom (Sept 2021). WATCH IT HERE

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