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How to REBUY into your HyperVerse Membership

As if 3X wasn't enough- IF you don't need to withdraw on your rewards, instead of leaving them sitting in your rewards balance sheet, why not use those rewards to earn more rewards? Each time you rebuy with a minimum of 50Hu, the 0.5% daily rewards now increases by that new balance amount. Most people use a combination of rebuying and withdrawing their rewards.


Login here or Copy & Paste

After you login, go to the HOME tab and tap "Membership"

Scroll down and tap the 50HU "HyperVerse Membership"

From your "rewards account balance" purchase membership(s) and submit

After you enter your 6 digit transaction password,  you can check order or go back


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Still have questions? Be sure to get back to the person that shared this site  with you.

They shared this information with you because they care about you.

Whether you see this a blessed opportunity or not doesn't affect their rewards.

It's a timing thing and in closing i'd love to share with you the wise words of Raoul Paul in an interview with Tom Bilyeu on the global move to Crypto and the importance of not missing out on the next boom (Sept 2021). WATCH IT HERE

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