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CSG Platinum Package

CSG Platinum Package

The Platinum package is for the gun entrepreneurs who are ready to take this business opportunity to the moon. Set your kids or family members up with their own i-Noc and frames so you can expand the reach in your community. 


In the Platinum package you get;

- Certification ($100 Value)

- 3x i-NOC Eye Doc's ($75 Value)

-  450 frames/Epiphany surrounds (various designs/colours $1,125 Value) 

- Lens supply ($1,125 Value)


Revenue Potential: Your $2,200 investment has the potential to return $10,800 if you sell each pair for $27. Thats a whopping 452% profit margin... NOW thats what we call a great investment. CAN YOU DIG IT?


    All our glasses are manufactured in the same factories that high end branded products are made using the exact same materials. Dont let our pricing fool you. We've made it affordable for anyone to look great in our trendy eyewear for a fraction of the cost.



    If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase, send it back to us within 7 days for a no questions asked refund or exchange. Don't worry, if you send it back after the 7 days, we'll still take it but I do hope you didn't let your frenchie try them on because we all know they prefer to taste everything first- especially when they look as good as our glasses do!!


    Now this is a tricky one. Due to Convid, shipping prices shot through the roof. Unfortunately we haven't mastered teleportation YET ( ; so were going to have to ask you for your patience please. Remember when mum used to tell you that it was a virtue? Depending on where you are, you may receive your order within 3 business days however were asking that you bear with us for 21 before you ring and hassle Crystal please. TIA

  • Whats included in the price?

    The price shown above is for a COMPLETE pair of glassses and includes your Frame, 1x pair of clear Epiphany's and (up to 6 depending on the strength) Lenses regardless of how strong the prescription. You can also change the look of your frames by choosing our Epiphany kit upgrade that includes 5 pairs of our most popular colours for just $2. 


    NOT INCLUDED: Shipping