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We've come to the realisation that there are levels to being in business and not everyone has the make-up to take on the financial risks of being an entrepreneur. And that's OK. What a boring world it would be if we were all the same. 

Following is the structure for our on the ground representatives. 

ASG's (Apprentice Sight Giver) Cost: Shipping to your country + Handling fee

For those of us who're risk averse or not financially able right now, we have enabled you to participate and not miss out. There are just a few caveats.


Your skin in the game is:

1. The time it takes to complete the CSG Certification Process

2. A small financial contribution, being the cost of shipping & handling and 

3. Potential customers MUST have a current prescription 


With these small expectations from us fulfilled, you'll be able to get started without the huge costs associated with traditional business ownership. You will start with our Sample Tool Box and use the 10x Frames included as your presentation kit to your potential customers. The customer is able to see the premium quality and a few examples of the colours/styles we have available. You will measure and fit each person and then either complete our online order form or the downloadable hard copy that you can print before each appointment. 

The potential to build your income from the ground up is reliant solely and 100% on your own efforts. We believe that those who have a healthy work ethic can transition to become a CSG and then a Franchisee in record time based on our hat-trick of Unique Points of Difference (UPD) with our business model and product.

1. A revolutionary Patented Technology like no one has ever seen before 

2. Our FREE business model that flips traditional and MLM business on its head

3. Price vs Quality: in a world where you get what you pay for, we are exposing the truth of premium quality's actual cost with up to 475% margins. 

We will do everything we can to provide you with all the necessary tools and resources you need to become a successful ASG. The DOING is up to you.

As an ASG you will make $10 at the end of the successful completion of every transaction. Transaction process as follows: $15 deposit required for each item ordered and paid directly to i-Focus. All orders are shipped directly to you in bulk for personal delivery to your customers. The balance payment (your payment) is received direct from the customer. 

CSG (Certified Sight Giver)

We have developed a franchise style strategy to enable those in a better financial position to start off on a higher scale and purchase a FULL kit in bulk. The business opportunity is still FREE, you remain independent and have no ongoing or monthly financial obligations to the company as you may understand the traditional sense of franchising with other business opportunities. You purchase a minimum amount of stock (including Frames, Lenses, Epiphany's) in one of our packages and the sky is your limit. The harder you work, the more sales you make and the more successful you become. You have the freedom to create your own strategies, systems and processes for promoting the i-FocusXperience products, provided you remain within the boundaries of our CSG code of ethics. You can market your pre-purchased glasses and business however you like, but the represented RRP must always be $25USD. Let your creative entrepreneurial juices flow and turn your business into a money printing machine. You MUST still complete the CSG certification process. 

As an FCSG you will make $20 for every pair of glasses sold. Depending on the package purchased, ROI is 400-475%.

We envision empowering humanity at whatever level they can afford and we want everyone to be making an amazing income from the Arielizen technology that we're bringing to the world. 

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