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The time to get excited about your financial freedom has arrived

Allow us to introduce you to the Arielizen Process.


This is our patented technology that enables all of our Eye Doctor's the ability to open their own INDEPENDENT practice (The "i" in i-Focus) setup in as little as 72hrs WITHOUT the need of expensive lab equipment and the costs that traditionally come with owning and operating your own clinic as a barrier to entry.

With the Arielizen process you will be able to make ANY pair of prescription glasses, ANY strength no matter how strong in a matter of minutes with your hands. No longer are you confined to a retail outlet or big box store that is going to take 8-12hrs of your day, 5-7 days a week.


With i-FocusXperience and the Arielizen process you have the opportunity to choose freedom and make up to $5000* a day from day one. How? There are 54,000,000 seniors in the USA and 44,000 Eye doctors. Divided equally that number is 1,181.81 and the number 118 has a significance that YOU are the saviours of humanity and if we ONLY targeted seniors with our affordable prescription eyewear solution, we would save the USA economy. DO WELL BY DOING GOOD.

Be sure to watch all the commercials below then contact my office. I hope you're as excited as I am to see what we're about to do TOGETHER!