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Finding my deposit address in HyperVerse

1. Click the MANAGE Tab

IMG_2992 3.jpg

2. Click on Deposit Tab


3. Copy Address, READ reminder


PROTIP: Use TRC20 address where possible as the fees are significantly less eg. 1USDT (NB: This is determined by the exchange or wallet you are sending USDT from and if it supports TRX or Tron Network).


ERC20 is USDT on the Ethereum network and as at the time of writing,  gas fees are high eg. 300USDT may cost up to 60USDT in fees depending on the congestion level of the network.

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It's a timing thing and in closing i'd love to share with you the wise words of Raoul Paul in an interview with Tom Bilyeu on the global move to Crypto and the importance of not missing out on the next boom (Sept 2021). WATCH IT HERE

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