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Setting up your HyperVerse Account

By setting up a HyperVerse account, you are joining a growing community of early adopters into the Crypto industry. Only 3% of the entire world know about Crypto and the aim of Hypertech Group is to grow this community to be bigger than Facebook.


Data is the new currency and whenever a product is FREE- YOU ARE THE PRODUCT.


We receive questions such as "why does the company need our money?" or "why do we have to pay for a membership?".


Simply put, if you don't have skin in the game then why should you deserve any of the reward? (think The little red hen). The company doesn't have the agenda of capturing your data to sell in order to grow their business as their business model (think Facebook). The company are in the blockchain/crypto industry. They mine and trade $BILLIONS in Cryptocurrency daily. In order for these $Bs to be of use or value, consensus is required. This consensus comes from the people accepting cryptocurrency as a store of value. Thus the intrinsic value of HyperVerse and Hypertech Group of companies creating a simple ecosystem for the mass majority to participate. 

SO hopefully you begin to comprehend the reverse engineering of how this "God Sent" platform enables anyone to break free from the financial matrix within an ecosystem utilising a technology built by the people, for the people. This is the solution for the freeing of humanity in a system that aims to keep everyone living in fear and locked down. Welcome to the digital revolution.

*if you don't have a referral email me and I will take you under my wing

Once you have clicked on your referers link, you will see the screen below. You can only join as a member with a referral.


Once completed, you can go ahead and sign in.

Choose a username you like and complete all the details (NB: If you get an error the username is unavailable)


Let us know that you're not a robot.

Be ready to access the email you have entered for verification code as the security is time sensitive


Welcome to the HyperVerse 

IMG_2992 2.jpg

Click the button below for instructions to buy crypto and setup your Binance Account

If you already own crypto, click the button below to learn how to acquire your HyperVerse membership

Click the button below to learn how to convert & withdraw your rewards

Click the button below to learn how to REBUY into your membership

Still have questions? Be sure to get back to the person that shared this site with you.

They shared this information with you because they care about you.

Whether you see this a blessed opportunity or not doesn't affect their rewards.

It's a timing thing and in closing i'd love to share with you the wise words of Raoul Paul in an interview with Tom Bilyeu on the global move to Crypto and the importance of not missing out on the next boom (Sept 2021). WATCH IT HERE

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